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Welcome to International Security Managers Guild site
Mission Statement

Our mission is to support security managers representing large and medium size multinational companies whose combined expertise will be utilized in a synergistic manner in developing, organizing, assimilating, and sharing knowledge within security disciplines for the ultimate purpose of enhancing professional and business standards and creating secure environment. It is a consensus-based process utilizing to the fullest extent possible the knowledge, experience, connections and expertise available in the security industry in Russia and the FSU.


Our selective membership is restricted to individuals with extensive experience in security industry. Our members represent some of the best security managers with vast experience in either government and/or commercial security sectors.

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to make the operating environment safer. But as society gets more complex, so does our job. That means we should understand more and do our job better, i.e.:

  • Integration into business, add value to business processes;
  • Provide consistent and reliable service to business;
  • Develop and sustain alliances with related organizations;
  • Establish security benchmarks in the industry in Russia;
  • Share information and experience;
  • Develop professional and personal relationships with other players in the international community.
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