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Business breakfast "Business Integrated Security - Alliance for Progress"

The Moscow Times and The International Security Managers Guild (Sphere) are honored to invite you to attend the business breakfast "Business Integrated Security - Alliance for Progress" at the Grand Marriott Hotel on November 22, 2007.

The event commences at 8.30 and runs till 12.00. The breakfast is open for the wide audience - top managers, audit and risk experts, security professionals, service providers, insurance, financial and law institutions, FMCG companies and others.

The key idea of the breakfast is to examine the opportunities for corporate security to integrate much more successfully as a core business function. Without harming the traditional need for a strong protective capability, we would like to show that, by creating the right conditions, security can be a profit multiplier and an enhancer of reputation and governance. We hope to articulate Сthe right conditionsТ and give guidance as to how they can be generated.

The agenda of the breakfast will be available in the two weeks time. In the meantime we are pleased to confirm that there going to be several speakers with recognized reputation in business and security.

The number of seats is limited. The admission fee is expected to be around US$250.
Please note that all funds that we raise upon completion of the event will be donated to charity.

More details to follow. Look forward to seeing you there.
WWW link to event http://www.events.moscowtimes.ru/events/more?conf_event=655

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