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ASIS is the largest organization for security professionals, with more than 35,000 members worldwide. Founded in 1955, ASIS is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and prodactivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that address broad security interests. ASIS also advocates the role and value of the security management profession to business, the media, govermental entities and the public. Having members worldwide provides excellent networking opportunities.

ASIS Russian Chapter was set up in September 2007. It is made up of the best security professionals (service providers and multinationals) in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independant States. They are the security elite representing both old and new generations of security professionals.

ASIS Russian Chapter was set up due to the 5 major reasons:

recognized professional development (career development)
access to information
networking (35,000 members in 120 countries)
certification & education
developing best practices and security trainings

All the information is available at ASIS website: www.asisonline.org

Having members worldwide provides excellent networking opportunities. ASIS Russian Chapter' aim is to develop great security professionals and be an exporter of talent. We need to keep engaging with our business colleagues all over the world.
For now there are 24 ASIS members across Russia. ASIS Russian Chapter's primary objective is to grow the chapter qualitatively and quantitatively. That is why I am addressing to you as to the best security professionals in Russia and CIS with the call to join ASIS Russian Chapter.
If you require any assistance with joining ASIS , please contact us.


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